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Concert: Cataclysmic Commentary, CMW Players, Forgetter


CATACLYSMIC COMMENTARY (Ben Cohen, tenor saxophone / Eli Wallace, piano / Dave Miller, drums and cymbals) is a malleable and dynamic new trio of improvising musicians based in New York City. Living in a world of rapidly changing political and socio-economic permutations, they were founded with the premise of integrating these socio-political narratives into their work, sculpting every set according to the particular challenges of the time rather than relying on an established book of rotely rehearsed material. This manifests in a diversity of repertoire from completely free improvisation, to compositions by members of the ensemble, to pieces by select influential musicians, to folk songs from around the world. All of the works directly relate to and portray a response to the challenges of our current epoch. Cataclysmic Commentary brings awareness and attention to the challenges faced as inhabitants of Planet Earth through a chameleon approach that is ever exploring, asking questions, and adapting accordingly through their music.

CMW PLAYERS is a collective of DC-area sound, movement, and visual improvisers that originally convened in early 2015. They come from a range of backgrounds and are constantly seeking to balance engaging one another on common ground while striving to challenge themselves personally and experiment with new ideas and techniques.

FORGETTER - DC's David Klinger plays strange songs and heartfelt songs on a piano.

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