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Saturday May 19th                         8pm                        $10 suggested donation

we invite you to a safe space. as a truly living being.
an absorber and contributor of the energy around you.
we invite engagement and unabashed compassion.
we invite stimulation of the spirit-self and reactions of being touched sonically.
we invite the challenge of freedom and ask
--in kindness--
that you too will feel and initiate the same call.
we invite healthy call & response practices; in this,
a magical line between us and us can be forged and kept.
viewer to projector; listener to speaker; performer to audience ---
a complete cycle of reciprocity and love outside a vacuum."

This second installment of QDSH SHOWCSE is designed to facilitate a day changing experience through the arms of sound, the function of intimacy via community, and honesty. Performance sets will be administered by Gwendolynism, heart cradling soul compositions through voice & keys; TrpCrKng, surreal folklorist extraordinaire; & machell andré, rhythmic chasms & poetry. Accompanied with a musical appearance by Echelon The Seeker, a first time performance by guitar hermit jrue sellers, and a clothing-thrift pop up by Ishii