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Concert: Restroy, The Compositions, Little Howlin' Wolf

Friday May 18th     8PM      $10

Friday May 18th     8PM      $10

Restroy - Led by composer and bassist Christopher Dammann, Restroy is a frisson of transformation that dives into the intersection of improvised and contemporary American music. Restroy connects, dissects and evolves musical traditions to find a shared tongue, forge space for communication and provoke metamorphosis in both participant and listener.

Restroy’s 2018 self-titled release on 1980 Records wields patterns and textures as forms for improvisation. On each track, acoustic instruments are augmented with and juxtaposed against electronic textures and noise. The result is an exuberant, lyrical series of inflection points and layered sonic spaces anchored by the great Avreeayl Ra.

The sextet is comprised of leading musicians from diverse musical traditions: Avreeayl Ra, drums; James Davis, trumpet + electronics; Paul Giallorenzo, synthesizers + keyboards; Mabel Kwan, piano + synthesizers; Christopher Dammann, bass and compositions; and Kevin Davis, cello + electronics. Scott Clark will be filling in for Avreeayl for Restroy’s May 18th, performance at Rhizome.

Restroy’s 2016 release, Saturn Return (Milk Factory Productions), is considered “unusual yet accessible” (, “consistently inventive” (Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG) and as “a new sound that needs to be followed closely” ( Saturn Return received national press and radio play, including on New York Public Radio's New Sound's podcast.

The Compositions are Will Redman, Rose Burt, Daniel Choynowsky, Shelly Purdy. Performing music written by Will Redman.

Little Howlin' Wolf - James Pobiega, a 6'9" Polish-derived man from Chicago's South Side, performed heavily in bars and and to a greater extent on the street of his home turf during the late 70s through the mid 80s under the name Little Howlin Wolf. During that time, self-released 32 45s (that we know of) and two LPs (compiled from the 7"s) titled The Guardian and The Cool Truth. The LPs show a unique and visionary take on emotive, raw, dissolved blues featuring Wolf on every instrument he could lay his hands on with a wrenching souldfulness and commanding fire-brained intensity to match Albert Ayler. The 45s, though, are where Wolf really stretched out, taking his music to its furthest reaches including stabs at Calypso, gypsy songs, Country-Western and children's songs.

"Wolf is so complex and separating the facts from his brain is real difficult ... 6'9" Polish south side Chicago badassnessed...invented breakdancing...wrote original 'Bad to the Bone'...inspired the 'Deacon Blue' song...drunk and drug addict street musician from 80-90' clean, runs and eats healthy...released 30+ (?) 45's that he sold on the street each with his unique stab at genre; calypso, reggae, blues, vocal chants, which he changed his name and invented the label name on so he wouldn't be easily traceable...Two self-released LP's The Guardian and The Cool Truth, he is the master of mind-blowing lo-fi off-kilter weird jam rooted in down-to-earth soul." -- Ian Nagoski

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