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Concert: John Wiese, Aram Shelton & Håkon Berre Duo, Ami Yamasaki

Wednesday April 11th    8pm         $10

John Wiese is an artist and composer who works primarily in recorded and performed sound with a focus on installation and multi-channel diffusions, as well as scoring for large ensembles. He has toured extensively throughout the world, covering the US, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. He is also a founding member of the concrète grindcore band Sissy Spacek. With a lengthy résumé of solo releases, Wiese's projects as a collaborator have increased over the last decade to produce works with the likes of veteran jazz-improviser, Evan Parker, rock bands like No Age and Wolf Eyes, and metal groups such as Sunn O))). Recently, he has lead collaborative projects for large groups, developing a method of text-based scores

Aram Shelton and Håkon Berre are a saxophone and drum duo based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  An evolving experiment in real time music creation, they explore the outer capabilities of their instruments via extended techniques and non-traditional sounds alongside fragmented melodies and internally shared rhythms.  Their music takes divergent paths to meet in unexpected places and is guided by a sophisticated aesthetic which strives to avoid preconceived strategies and notions. They're album Dormancy is now available at Bandcamp.

The tour is supported by DJBFA's Production Pool and Koda Cultural Resources.  With support from Jazz Danmark, Norsk Jazzforum, and DJBFA - Composer and Song Writers' Production Pool and Koda's Cultural Funds.

Aram Shelton is an improviser and composer who performs on saxophone, clarinets, and live electronics. He plays with a distinct, harmonically rich sound and develops musical thoughts through constant motion, tonal shifts and complex sounds alongside clear melodic and rhythmic constructs. His vocabulary utilizes the range of extended techniques including multiphonics, harmonics, circular breathing, wind sounds and an exploration of the outer ranges of the instrument. He is known for his contributions to the creative music scenes in Chicago and San Francisco and now lives in Copenhagen. His writing and playing has been documented through more than two dozen albums to date through labels including Delmark, Clean Feed, Not Two and Singlespeed Music.  He has worked closely with the likes of Larry Ochs, Kyle Bruckmann, Kjell Nordeson, Jason Adasiewicz, Frank Rosaly, Weasel Walter, Tim Daisy, Jason Ajemian and Fred Lonberg-Holm.

Håkon Berre is a Norwegian drummer and composer who currently lives in Copenhagen, where he works as a freelance musician and educator. His playing is characterized by an inventive and energetic drumming, using a rich palette of sounds from a wide diversity of trash and objects, and sometimes also incorporating real-time electronics into his playing. This has brought him to numerous clubs and venues all over the world with musicians like Peter Brötzmann, Phil Minton, Axel Dörner, John Tchicai, Peter Friis-Nielsen, Kasper Tranberg, Susana Santos Silva and Liudas Mockunas. Berre is a co-founder and active member of the record label & musicians collective Barefoot Records, where he has contributed on over 20 recordings. He has degrees in music science & music technology from Oslo University, and a rhythmical diploma exam from the Academy of Music in Esbjerg, Denmark. He is also an active part of the Danish Arts Council's "house artist" system, with numerous concerts and workshops in Danish schools and educational institutes. In addition, Berre has composed and arranged music for theater performances and art exhibitions, and has exhibited several interactive sound installations at art museums in both Denmark and Germany.

Ami Yamasaki  is a vocalist and multimedia artist from Tokyo. Her work is diverse and prolific, creating installations, performances, and films in a variety of settings, most recently as part of the performance “Sounds to Summon the Japanese Gods” at the Japan Society of New York. Solo performances include “Signs of Voices” (2016, Kyoto Art Center, Japan), “Voice, Boundary, Gravity”(2017, Cathy Weis Project),“Experimental Intermedia 2017”(played with Yasunao Tone, curated by Phill Niblock). She has participated in numerous group shows, including “Tokyo Experimental Festival 9” (2014, Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan), “Exchange-planting a seed” (2013, Aomori Contemporary Art center, Japan) and “Sonic City 2013 Liquid Architecture” (2013, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia). She frequently collaborates, working with Keiji Haino, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Yasunao Tone. She has lead workshops at The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan, Arts Maebashi, and Sapporo City Kojo School, as well as a variety of television and film appearances, including narration and voice for “MORIBITO Ⅱ” (NHK, 2017) and Hayao Miyazaki’s latest short film (Ghibli, 2017). She presented at TEDx Tokyo in 2016.In 2017 she was an Asian Cultural Council fellow based in New York City. In 2018 she is a residence artist at RhizomeDC in Washington DC and Asian Fellow of Asia Center of Japan Foundation in Phillippines.