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Concert: The Caribbean / Tarotplane / Jon Camp's Family Band


Friday December 7 * 8pm * $10

The Caribbean is an American experimental pop group from Washington, D.C. The band has been critically acclaimed for its deconstructionist approach to pop music, its wry, literary lyrics, and its eclectic sound, which incorporates elements of American pop, post-rock, cool jazz, folk music, lounge music, and even Brazilian music. The Caribbean has garnered positive press from Pitchfork, The Washington Post, Washington City Paper, Magnet, Rolling Stone, PopMatters, Uncut, The Denver Post, Flak, Stylus, Tiny Mix Tapes, Harp Magazine, and Signal to Noise, and its 2011 album, Discontinued Perfume, was named Indie Pop Record of the Year by PopMatters.

Baltimore’s PJ Dorsey has traversed a lifelong journey delving into psychoactive music which can alter one’s cognitive and conscious state. He harnesses his experiences to create music as Tarotplane. Using guitar, effects and processing he produces time suspending soundscapes - immersive music for merging the mind and body.

Jon Camp is a fingerstyle guitarist and composer from the Washington, DC region. His emotive twang encompasses American Primitive Guitar, psychedelia, drone, classic country, and more. Jon's set at Rhizome will be in ensemble form with long-time collaborator Nick Arrivo on bass, Dave Jones (The Caribbean) on guitar, Ryan Peterson on drums, and Jamie Linder (Crooks & Crows) on pedal steel.