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Concert: Lucas Brode / Shelly Purdy+Will Redman / Nik Francis+Nate Scheible / Tom Orange


Friday December 14 * 8pm * $10

Lucas Brode
Native of New York’s Hudson Valley, is a guitarist & composer who draws from jazz harmony, experimental rock textures, and African rhythms. In addition to studying jazz guitar and composition, he spent several years learning percussive concepts from traditional Ghanian master drummer, Yacub Addy. Lucas often performs solo, leads his own trio, co-leads the Post-Rock / Math-Rock hybrid, Hannibal Montana, and is an active performer and improviser in the NYC and Hudson Valley experimental music scenes. Past and present collaborators include G. Calvin Weston, Kevin Shea, Luke Stewart, Colin Fisher, Zach Cooper, and many more.

Shelly Purdy/Will Redman
Vibraphone and electronics from Baltimore.

Shelly Purdy is a contemporary percussionist committed to performing and teaching experimental music. She performs with various ensembles including the percussion quartet Umbilicus, the science/music ensemble The Inverse Square Trio. Constantly pursuing new solo and ensemble repertoire, in partnerships with local composers, dancers, sculptors, and visual artists. Ms. Purdy’s passion for contemporary works has led to a vast array of opportunities including performances at Baltimore’s Artscape Festival, So Percussion’s Summer Institute, IFCP at Mannes, June in Buffalo, Make Music New York, The Live Wire Festival, and The Center for Advanced Musical Studies at Chosen Vale.

Will Redman is a musical instrument that scrambles and obfuscates the precarious limen of the composer-performer-audience compact. Scores employ fantastically unsystematic notation,inviting the beholder into a wilderness of interpretive self-sufficiency. Improvisations manifest as ostensible readings of invisible psycho-temporal texts. Sounds distend the sentient receptive sphere. Productions disseminated and discussed internationally through human, print and broadcast media. Organized performance units include Microkingdom (avant rock), Umbilicus (percussion quartet) and The Compositions (chamber music)

Nik Francis/Nate Scheible
Improvisations for prepared bass drum and timpani

Tom Orange
Cleveland ex-pat in town through the winter, bringing rust belt vibes to Rhizome from the land of Ayler.