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The 24 Hour Show

photo by Josh Ballard

photo by Josh Ballard

From 1PM to 1PM Nov 24-25 Myelin Nation and Rhizome invite you to join us for an open, collective performance.

Feel free to bring musical instruments or objects, art supplies, poems, cognitive destabilization techniques, lectures, dance, puppets, dance-puppets, "Dance, Puppets!", yourself, etc. Perhaps multiple simultaneous performances occurring at once, unified by the unified space of the space.

Improvised 24 hour musical performance by Myelin Nation & anyone who wants to join. If we play one tone per hour we can make it halfway through Harry Partch's octave!

To start things on, at 1PM on Saturday Sam Cooper will be leading anyone interested through a meditation.

Intervals of visual art by Dan Conrad.

The hope of this event is to provide an extended temporal space for creative activities, spontaneity, meaninglessness, self-creation, sleep-deprivation in order to allow for new experiences and reconceptualizations of time, sound, and being/nonbeing outside of the bounds provided by the culture's normative time allotments. Feel free to participate, to listen, to watch, to sleep, to leave, to come back.

$10 suggested donation to reimburse space and performers

-Myelin Nation is a free improv ensemble from Baltimore, MD consisting of (in alphabetical order by last name): Sarah Hughes, Aaron Mertes, Dan Ostrow, Maria Shesiuk, & Corey Thuro.