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Concert: Matizwave, Time is Fire, Yeni Nostalji


Sunday October 28 * 730pm * $10

Matizwave is a band that mixes Latin American rythms with alternative and modern music (pop, hip hop, electronic and rock). Instruments include guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, maracas, guacharaca and congas.

Time Is Fire is a band that could only come out of Washington DC. Rooted in DC's post-punk scene but reaching out to embrace rhythms from across the world, the group summons a kaleidoscopic sound that knows no borders-- a sonic blast of radio distortion from a country that doesn't exist.

Yeni Nostalji play original Turkish Pop / Özgün Türkçe Pop. Their sound is often described as a mashup of Bossa Nova, 60’s French pop, and modern indie pop ballads.

This concert is presented by Multiflora Productions annual month-long DIY global music festival "Flash of the Spirit" that happens across multiple venues in Washington DC during the month of October. Its mission is to present emerging and remarkable international musicians from abroad as well as local musicians from our diverse immigrant communities to celebrate their stories, heritage, and cultures through their music.