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Concert: Tar of, Teething Veils, Machine Drift

TAR OF (NY) - Experimental pop and chronically anxious duo based in nyc. Likes noise and loops and sweetboy harmonies. Debut album out 8/21, day of the next total solar eclipse. Light bleeding out the edges of dark / pop creeping out under a bed of noise.

TEETHING VEILS (DC) is a band of violist Hannah Burris and songwriter/guitarist Greg Svitil. In 2013, they released Velorio, made by a group of long-time and first-time collaborators. Velorio’s melancholic tone was crafted through bittersweet 60s-inspired pop, off-kilter accordion waltzes, funeral organ dirges, and lush orchestral elaborations. A 2nd LP, Constellations followed in 2014, and a 7” single Dinner Date in 2015. Teething Veils has toured cross-country in support of both of their LP’s, along with numerous travels through the midwest and south. An eight-piece Teething Veils band recorded its 3rd LP, Sea and Sun, released in 2017. The band is part of Etxe Records and Productions, an artist-run collective based in Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

MACHINE DRIFT (VA) is a project you may be familiar with as the solo project of Jake Reid of SCREEN VINYL IMAGE. SVI became something of a Norfolk staple in the mid-2000's, blowing the roof off of many a bar and DIY-veue with their wall-of-sound attack on the shoegaze sound. With Machine Drift Jake has persued an electonic sound medium that sings minimal techno, but that sometimes harkens disco or late 80's dance house.