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Decide Today, Melanin Free, Black Saturn & Johnny Osorio

Friday 8/18,  8PM - $10.00

DECIDE TODAY - Cincinnati anarchist breakcore industrial, a continuation of the previous Realicide group's more worthwhile aspects, an endorsement of punk and hiphop as inherently radical in noize and message. Robert Inhuman addrsses topics like the fight against racism in America, ethical Veganism, Earth Liberation direct action, radical sobriety, and struggle against depression in a complete DIY or DIE manner that should do nothing inspire us all.

After the show a screenprinting station will be set up for shirts and patches (so bring your own!). Ink donations would be very helpful.

MELANIN FREEis the noise project of Qué Pequeño and Jenghis Pettit from Baltimore, Maryland.

"When your band in named Melanin Free, you are black and your album cover has a distorted picture of Donald Trump, you cannot expect anything more than music that is filled with absolute tension. If any band seems to have that in spades, it's Melanin Free. Once tagging a song as "white excellence", Melanin Free seeks to give us the sound of seething anger and tension that has and will build in this country. Mostly, anger and confusion inspired by caucasian supremacy. " (

BLACK SATURN & JOHNNY OSORIO (NAMELESS BASATARDS) - Black Saturn is an Experimental Hiphop artist.With a deep affinity for Sound System Culture,Harsh Noise & all styles of Electronic Music Nameless Bastards is a home brewed product of the DMV. Experimental Hiphop artist Black Saturn & Noise artist Johnny Osorio combine forces on a acid laced psychedelic lowkey journey.