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Unschooling panel/open discussion

"We learn best when we are deciding what we want to learn, when we learn for our reasons and not someone else's, and when we have maximum control over the pace and manner in which we learn." - John Holt

Calling all unschoolers, deschoolers, anti-authoritarian-education-istas of all stripes, including (especially!) the unschooling-curious, the unschooling-envious ("I'd love to if only I could make it work..."), anyone looking for meaningful alternatives to conventional educational models....

Come to discuss your experiences, your successes and failures, your wants and needs, your questions big and small, with our informal panel of "experts" who have unschooled numerous kids through thick and thin and come out the other side as huge advocates for the idea.

A short presentation will begin at 7pm followed by a longer open discussion. Monday July 24 at Rhizome, 6950 Maple St NW DC. Kids welcome.