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16mm Cyanotype Workshop

Sunday July 23rd, 11- 4pm

Instructor: Margaret Rorison

In this workshop, participants will work with this 19th Century photographic process in combination with 16mm film to create their own cyanotype film loops. Participants will work with 16mm film that has been previously coated in cyanotype solution, creating photograms by placing objects over the UV sensitive film, exposing the film to sunlight, then rinsing the film in water to develop beautiful blue patterns and forms.  

Participants are encouraged to bring their own objects to this workshop. Anything with interesting shapes, edges and forms that they would like to use. Examples include leaves, lace, safety pins, rubber bands, nails – anything that will create patterns and forms – and sound!  Along one side of the 16mm filmstrip, there is a margin reserved for the optical soundtrack. Through this DIY process, we will be creating patterns of light and dark that will spill over onto the margin reserved for sound, and the 16mm projector will read these patterns of light and dark and translate them into sound. 

Workshop includes pre-coated cyanotype 16mm film and photogram materials, but feel free to bring your own objects to work with! 

Margeret Rorison is the co-founder and curator of Baltimore's Sight Unseen Screening series since 2012. She is a recipient of a 2016 Ruby's Artist Project Grants in media and performing arts, a recipient of The Maryland State Arts Council 2016 Individual Artist Awards and 2015 Sondheim Semi-finalist.