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Concert: Wasteland Jazz Unit, Developer, Nagual + Stefan Christensen, Jrnlr

Friday July 21, 8pm. $10 donation

Wasteland Jazz Unit (Cincinnati, OH) - Comprised of Jon Lorenz (saxophone) and John Rich (clarinet), Cincinnati’s Wasteland Jazz Unit stand within the vanguard of American free music. Marrying free jazz with harsh noise, WJU’s sonic barrage treads the line of pure bliss and sublime destruction. Uncompromising, unrelenting the duo reach new levels of blastitude with nothing but their instruments and a full blown wall of amps. Nodding to forebearers of experimental music such as Peter Brötzmann and Wolf Eyes, WJU weave their own cacophonous tapestry with style and grit. Pillars in the noise community in their own right, both Lorenz and Rich have held down Cincinnati for over a decade, most recently programming the highly-regarded No Response Festival.

Developer (Dayton, OH) is the harsh cut-up noise project of Dayton’s Matthew Reis. Having over 15 years of experience in the experimental music community, Reis has lent his talent to create sounds that are both complex and down-right earth shattering. Be it through his label Factotum Tapes or his solo output, Reis continues to spread the gospel of all forms of extreme music in the Midwest. He is truly a national treasure.

Nagual + Stefan Christensen (Anytown, USA) - The collaborative efforts of long-time duo Nagual (Ian McColm + David Shapiro) and Stefan Christensen bring us back to the days of total amp worship. Equipped with three guitars and a deep understanding of feedback, Nagual + Stefan Christensen bend both the minds of listeners and the concepts of freeform sound.


Jrnlr (Washington, DC) is the dark/harsh noise project of Washington, DC-based artist Clare Davis. Propulsive, searing, and brutal, Jrnlr’s apocalyptic hellscape provides a welcome breath of toxic air to the DMV.