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Concert: Cheer Accident, Halo Valley, Floom

Saturday, June 24th 2017 @ 8:00 pm~ $10

Cheer Accident - Bands, like the human beings that comprise them, are mortal. Whether a group of neighborhood kids banging on instruments in their parents’ garages or iconic rock stars selling out the world’s largest arenas, their time on the planet is finite, their demise assured. Against all the odds, in the face of an unstable record industry that never embraced their restless experimentation, Chicago avant-rock pioneers CHEER-ACCIDENT have survived to release their 18th album, Putting Off Death. More than 30 years after first joining forces, fellow eclecticists Thymme Jones and Jeff Libersher have faced down the inevitable and returned with a new set of songs that’s as unpredictable, exploratory and viscerally compelling as anything they’ve released over the course of their erratically evolving career.

The band’s third release for Cuneiform follows in the elusive, meandering trajectory of their earlier work, which is always instantly identifiable if never quite definable. They’ve managed to conjure a unique collage of intricate prog, lush pop and experimental noise, drawing on the disparate influences of Pere Ubu, King Crimson, Can, Art Bears, Wire, early Genesis and Yes, and the more Baroque leaps of the Beatles and the Beach Boys without ever settling on a sound that could be definitively traced to any of them in isolation.

Floom - Classical flutist by day and metal guitarist by night, Maxx Katz decided to stop compartmentalizing and make a project that includes the expressiveness of flute in the unforgiving, meditative geology of doom metal. Former member of Usaisamonster and Miami Nights, Katz has deep roots in experimental, noise and metal music as well as a graduate degree in musicology, extensive training in classical and jazz flute and upright bass. Here, she plays and loops guitar, flute and vocals. The resulting sonic landscapes are epic and surprising. Songs surf in and out of riff and texture, composition and improvisation, isolation and reverberation. They make room. Feel time, space, the terror of eternity. Feel yourself. Wear earplugs.

Halo Valley - barrett jones, gordie shaw, phong tran: guitars, bass vi, efx, objects, frequencies and amps... a yeti in the wilderness of sound