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Performances: Música Naranja (Orange Music), Ian Jickling

MÚSICA NARANJA (Orange Music) is a duo composed by Martín Virgili (researcher, composer and guitarist) and Pamela Guruciaga (theoretical physicist), interested mainly in the exploration of new forms of artistic creation from the interaction of body, sound, space and scene. Its repertoire includes vocal works of sound and experimental poetry, contemporary and avant-garde music, theater and musical theater, which articulate with works of its own that are rooted in the performance and exploratory tradition of body, music and word.

Formed in 2012, it has performed in @ptt (Geneva – Switzerland); Antic forn de Vallcarca (Barcelona – Spain); the Museum of Contemporary Art of Mar del Plata, the Victoria Ocampo Cultural Center, the Theater Club (Mar del Plata); the Hall of Representatives, Negra40 hall, Space 6th floor (Buenos Aires - Argentina). It has worked in collaboration with artists Jacques Demierre, Vincent Barras, Guillermo Bocanegra, Mariano Losi, Gastón Maziéres, Jorge Ihlenfeld, LASO Ensemble, Negra40 Ensemble, among other groups.

Martin Virgili: "I have just turned 40 years old. I have spent more than half of my life interested in music and the various forms of creation (artistic or not). One of the big questions that accompanies me remains: “how do we have an idea?” For a long time it was Nietzsche who replied: “A thought comes when he wants not when I want,” although later I understood that one could favor the conditions for that arrival and therefore to stimulate the arrival of that thought. That is, training, exercise, meditation, various psychoactive substances, suggestions, hypnosis, a good dream, etc. would offer a differentiated framework for that thought (idea) to be present.

Some years ago I found a ceremonial design from the native peoples (Dakotas, Lakotas) of North America. This design is known as “Vision Search” and consists of spending four nights isolated under a tree, in total fast and without speaking. I am in the middle of that road and I have been transformed by that experience, as has my relationship with art and creation. This situation, naturally, has not cleared doubts on the initial question, but on the contrary, it has deepened much more its hidden condition.

The Visions: Esoteric Recitations program, which I prepared with my partner Pamela Guruciaga, explores different ways of approaching creation from what we consider to be “occult” or “esoteric”. For me, these ways have become cardinal, at least in my eventual creative present. This program does not intend to answer that fundamental question: how do we have an idea? Rather it is the question the one that unfolds in the five pieces that compose it.

IAN JICKLING is a DC-based guitarist who draws from many different musical worlds including the classical guitar tradition, experimental electronic music, and 15/16th century polyphony. His recent work has been focused on exploring microtonality on the standard 6 string guitar.