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Dessicant, Noise Nomads, Sharilyn Evertsz, Kagami

Wednesday May 10, doors at 730, music at 8 SHARP. $10 donation requested

DESICCANT (Philadelphia) Desiccant is a newly formed duo featuring Andy Borsz & Mat Rademan. Weaving a bleak tapestry with samplers, tape loops, synthesizers, and rubbish, Desiccant aims to guide listeners through a wasteland of music concrete and harsh noise into a dramatic and engulfing New American drone. It's the deliberate and aged sound of failed relationships, putting the family pet to sleep, and holding the hand of a sick loved one. This is your soundtrack for dying in a desert and not caring.

NOISE NOMADS (Northhampton MA)
Caveman percussion, noise and action all mooshed into a huge art-apocalypse that happens one time and then never happens quite the same way again. Jeff Hartford — Mr. Noise Nomad, himself — approaches every show like a happening, and he creates a vibe and vision that will hang in yr head and ears long after the fire has burned out (as it were). -Byron Coley

SHARLYN EVERTSZ (Miami) - Freaky experimentalist from Miami, FL, severely abstract electronic music, chock full of textural surprises, evocative vocal loops, dynamics ,minimalism and noise.

KAGAMI - Harsh noise project of Sean J Gray