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Concert: Le Creuset/Jax Deluca/Bushmeat Airways/Scheible & McColm Duo

Le Creuset (OH) - Born in early September 2016, Le Creuset is the project of Cleveland based sonic and visual artists Matthew Gallagher and Jake Johnson. Based on the engineering of new formulas for generative audio processing, metaphysical communication and psychoacoustics, Le Creuset utilizes extended techniques in sampling and field recording to produce complex "living" sonic environments. Live and recorded performances have been described as "time dilating" and "stuff that would make Pierre Schaeffer happy." A self-titled 12" record is forthcoming this spring on Gallagher's R&D recordings and contains excerpted material from over 45 hours of recorded live performances, residencies and practice sessions.

Jax Deluca - Audio-visual performance with voice, signal processing, and other tinkerings. Special guest, Phong Tran.

Bushmeat Airways (Thomas Stanley and Vincent Allen Rado) - Bushmeat Airways is an iridescent UFO landing at each of the 7 primary spinal chakras, a soothing wildness spreading like a shockwave through the silicon and steel superstructure of the alien mother(fucker)ship that has taken control of our backward little planet. Ask about special benefits available with our frequent flyer program.

Nate Scheible & Ian McColm Duo - Circling each other through mutual collaborators in both Ohio and Washington DC, Nate Scheible & Ian McColm finally met in a recording session led by creative music stalwart, Luke Stewart. Drawing from their explorations in experimental and electronic music, Scheible and McColm reexamine the American trap set from outside-in. Using extended techniques and an arsenal of accessories, the pair present new sonic landscapes from fragments of familiar and esoteric drumset repertoire.

Music will start promptly at 7:00PM

Rhizome DC | 7-10pm | $10 Suggested Donation