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Performances: The Conqueror Worm, Turner / Skeath / Garrett, Forgettor


Maplehouse Collective presents...
Saturday April 29th, 8pm
$10 suggested donation

Ben Holmes & Patrick Farrell (trumpet and accordion) are delighted to announce The Conqueror Worm Suite, a 6-part suite of music, words and images based on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Conqueror Worm. The duo present their original compositions, incorporating a reading of the poem, in conjunction with a projected set of animated illustrations by visual artist Natalie C. Sousa.

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Conqueror Worm is a short five-stanza poem containing rich imagery and a cosmic scope that has inspired numerous artists and musicians. Using Igor Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale as an inspiration, the The Conqueror Worm Suite consists of a reading of the poem surrounded by music inspired by it. Holmes and Farrell share compositional duties, drawing on their knowledge of Eastern European folk music and the work of composers including Shostakovich, Chopin and Duke Ellington, to create a set of music that works with and against the text’s imagery and narrative elements. The music allows room for their finely-tuned improvisational interplay, and the shared compositional format allows them to tweak and reference each other’s themes and moods, lending playful moments to the proceedings. The visuals by Sousa are projected on a screen adjacent to the performers, further drawing the audience into the landscape of Poe’s vision.

Ben Holmes & Patrick Farrell are a trumpet & accordion duo whose performances range from klezmer, original concert music and improvisation to interpretations of Romantic-era composers and more. Accordionist Farrell (Yo-Yo Ma, Frank London, Yiddish Art Trio) and trumpeter Holmes (Erik Satie Quartet, Trio Blastphemy, Ben Holmes Quartet, Tarras Band) bring together a unique array of experiences to present a truly original program of music ranging from the 19th-21st Century and beyond. Referring to themselves as “New York City’s Premiere Klezmer/Spaghetti Western/Improv/Pop/Waltz/Freak-Out Trumpet and Accordion Duo,” Holmes and Farrell play originals, folk melodies, and music by Satie, Shostakovich, Chopin, the Beach Boys, and Ornette Coleman.

Natalie C. Sousa is a creative director specializing in book packaging. She currently works at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. Outside of her profession, she takes on personal projects and collaborations with other artists. The Conqueror Worm Suite is her first animation collaboration with Ben Holmes & Patrick Farrell.

First collaboration between these DC movers and Rhizome's resident scrap and string specialist. Together, Shay and Oralee bring a wide range of dance and choreography experience to this collab in styles ranging from modern, ballet, and jazz, to Indian Kuchipudi. Not to be missed!

DC's David Klinger plays strange songs and heartfelt songs on a piano.

Later Event: April 30
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