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Youth Program - Unthings: Special Session with Jim Strong

Philadelphia-based visual/sound artist Jim Strong has just begun a two-week residency at Rhizome. As part of his residency, he’ll be making art and immediately installing it on site. Jim was excited to hear about Rhizome’s Unthings program, where kids work with artist/mentors to explore their own creative ideas. He offered to lead a special Unthings session this Saturday, March 18th. In this session, Jim will be teaching some of his favorite techniques such as automatic drawing and intuitive bookmaking; the resulting books will be composed into a library that will run for the duration of his on-site, multi-room installation at Rhizome. Since this is such a unique opportunity, we thought we’d open it up to a wider audience via this special, one-time Unthings session. Here are the details:


AGES: 8 and up

WHAT: Work collaboratively with artist Jim Strong and participate in the construction of an on-site art installation.

COST: $45 for the 3-hour session (you can register online using the Eventbrite link below, or bring a check for $45 payable to Rhizome DC).

QUESTIONS? email us at

Jim Strong is a Philadelphia-based artist/musician. His work weaves experimental instrument building, improvisation, painting, sculpture, dance, curation, and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Jim is a member of Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia.