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Performances: Alex Pelchat, Nate Scheible, Chris Lynn, Zwischenzug

Maple House Collective presents..

Alex Pelchat: acoustic guitar/tapes/spoken words/contact mic'd objects (Harry Pussy meets John Fahey?!)

Nate Scheible. As overheard on the DVD commentary - "Imagine never changing or rotating your tires, ever." (pause) Tapes, tapeworms, trapezoids, voice, drumstick.. dumb stick... (custom emoji). Something about the atmosphere and post- something or other and an ism or two that is to say if we weren't talking about sound and music and we wanted to be real obnoxious, too, yeah? (in Esperanto)

Chris Lynn will be premiering two new super 8 rolls of the Journal of Drifting Hours series - Drifting moments, lyrical passages, memory impulses, landscape studies and visual notations captured and edited in camera on super 8 film.

Zwischenzug It was only a matter of time before these three veterans of the DC Experimental scene would get together to do a post-reductionist scraping electronic meltdown. Musically each member is well aware of what the other has done in the past, what terrain they have explored and sounds they have tamed, but this is no indication of what might happen at the moment of truth; the real time present moment. Chris Videll (electronics), Phong Tran (zither/objects), and Gary Rouzer (cello) have agreed to combine falling objects, fireworks, and glacial exhalation. Will it be a train wreck or the start something greater than the sum of the parts? This is yet to be determined.

WHEN: Tuesday March 7, 8pm
COST: $10 suggested donation