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Telecaster Tribute: Anacostia Delta Band


Monday December 18, 8pm     $10 donation

The return of the Telecasters! Guitarists like Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan pioneered the Fender Telecaster sound, a righteous blend of rock and roll, jazz, blues, rockabilly, country, and soul born of the Washington D.C. cultural melting pot. The music scene they championed was hugely influential and it thrives today—admired by musicians worldwide but barely recognized at home. The Anacostia Delta Band, which includes Gatton's old rhythm section (John Previti and Barry Hart) lay down regional guitar sounds from then and now and remind audiences why these guitar masters are so adored. The front line is three supremely talented telecaster guitarists: Joel Harrison and David Chappell both grew up listening to Gatton, while Anthony Pirog represents the younger generation planting new seed in this fertile soil.