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Concert: Galaxy Express 555, Ian Douglas​-​Moore / Paul N. Roth, Afroditi Psarra, Barbiero-Byrd-Ghaphery


Sonic Circuits presents...
Saturday, December 2nd, 8pm   ~$10

Galaxy Express 555 is the creation of musician Christopher Farstad, incorporating samples, live wind instruments, and touch- based looping technology to develop and reinterpret compositions in real-time. The music created is somewhere between ambient, industrial, and experimental — evoking alchemical weather rituals, technomantic spellcasting, or the soundtrack to a re-enactment of cyberwarfare.

ian douglas-moore & paul n roth
Douglas-Moore lays out sound walls using guitar-created sine tones, feedback, and a deliberate approach to sonic layering while Roth inlays his electronics-influenced approach to the alto saxophone, ducking in and out of the sound space with microtonal manipulations, multiphonics, drones, and other noise gestures, sometimes to reinforce the overall texture, other times to destroy it. The result is a continuous sound field that seems to evolve slowly but at the same time constantly reworks itself through subtle turns, hints, and premonitions from two sound practitioners keen on manipulating sonic space.

Acoustic improvisation for winds, strings & percussion.
Daniel Barbiero: double bass
Sam Byrd: drums, percussion & objects
Jimmy Ghaphery: saxophones, flutes & miscellanea

Afroditi Psarra
Afroditi Psarra, PhD (Athens, 1982) is a multidisciplinary artist working with e-textiles, diy electronics and sound. Her artistic interest focuses on concepts such as the body as an interface, contemporary handicrafts and folk tradition, pop iconography, retrofuturistic aesthetics and the role of women in contemporary culture. Her artworks include a wide variety of media and techniques that extend from embroidery, soft circuits, hacking and creative coding, to interactive installations and sound performances. She holds a PhD in Image, Technology and Design from the Complutense University of Madrid. Her academic research Cyberpunk and New Media Art focuses on the merge of science fiction ideas and concepts with performative and digital practices, and offers a philosophical, sociological and aesthetic analysis of the influence of new technologies in the contemporary artistic process. Her work has been presented at numerous platforms such as Siggraph in Vancouver, Ars Electronica in Linz, Transmediale and CTM in Berlin, Amber in Istanbul, Piksel in Bergen, Electropixel in Nantes and MakerFaire in Rome between others. She has worked as an intern on Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing at Disney Research Zurich. She is currently appointed as assistant professor in the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.