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Praxis 2 ::: Michael Verdon and Thomas "Bushmeat" Stanley


Saturday October 24, 8pm   $10 donation requested

Dr Thomas Stanley continues his tour of duty as Rhizome scholar-in-residence with a special duologue and performance featuring artist-activist-drummer Michael Verdon.

MICHAEL VERDON is a Burning Man fabricator and critical member of the organization for Catharsis on the Mall. Catharsis is an annual vigil that features lectures, discussions, workshops, community art, music, and unstructured spaces intended to facilitate seeing and healing wounds in ourselves, each other and in our society. The most important highlight of the event is “The Temple Burn.” The Temple is a non denominational sanctuary, a place of sacredness and solemnity; a place for remembrance, grief, and renewal that anchors the event. The burning of the temple expresses this transition, letting go, the continual flow of life; it encourages the lived experience of catharsis. It’s what makes the temple a sacred experience for each individual.

Catharsis is set on a national stage, with broad scope seeking to affect the federal government’s culture and identity to one of compassion, collaboration and healing. Catharsis is the first and only event permitted to burn a structure on the National Mall and allow amplified music for 24 hours, allowing individuals to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. The event is collaboratively co-created each year by dozens of core volunteers and hundreds of participants.

Catharsis on the Mall is free and open to the public.
(Praxis #2: The second stop is Jupiter!)


Michael Verdon
{Catharsis on the Mall/Burning Man}

Thomas "Bushmeat" Stanley
{alter destiny =-= noetic (r)evolution}

with an opening set