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Installation: Anxiolytic SEA - Fernão Ciampa

Anxiolytic SEA (Embolex, 2015 )  was originally designed to be presented in the MAR museum ceiling (Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and has been adapted to be shown as an installation at Rhizome. The project was conceived as a way to reduce anxiety in urban life. The project proposes the construction of an audiovisual experience that acts as an inducer of relaxation, reduces anxiety, almost as a drug that induces sleep. Anxiolytics are commonly used drugs in the world, reflecting the difficulty of relaxing in a society where everyone must be ""always ON". The project aims to create a movie / remedy, a moment of sleep expansion in dialogue with the architecture of the space, that makes people feel at home and in communion with the environment they inhabit. The film is divided in 5 parts based on the sleeping phases, and has been generated by patterns from these phases. (Duration: 21 minutes)

Direção/Direction: Fernão Ciampa
Trilha/Soundtrack: Érico Theobaldo Arquitetura
Midiática/Midíátic Architecture: Sylvio Ekman
Programação de TouchDesigner/TouchDesigner Programer: Gabriel dos Santos

Brazilian audio-visual collective Embolex is pioneer in the vjing scene since back in the year '00 when the electronic music culture exploded in Brasil. It has continuously explored the boundaries of live-cinema in performances that merge live music, documentary, video mapping and so on Embolex is also famous for their mashups, video-mashups and remixes and have played around the best brazilian electronic music parties."

WHEN: On view from January 15-31, whenever Rhizome is open for events
COST: Free