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The Free Movie Workshop

The Free Movie Workshop is designed to promote film-making without spending money!

Too often, artists get hung up on equipment. Not having the right materials can certainly be demotivating, but what exactly are the "right" materials?

Well, It turns out you already have them: your creativity, your mobile phone, and (not required) your laptop. That's all you need to make a professionally written, shot, and edited short movie!

Local independent filmmaker Jon Lutz will show you how to achieve higher production value from the following FREE resources:
a) available lighting;
b) your phone's camera;
c) your phone's microphone;
d) free software for your laptop.

Only a phone capable of recording video is required, but if you have a laptop, bring that, too!

We will make a 5-minute or shorter movie and post it to social media. All in about 3 hours.

When: Saturday, July 9 11-2pm
Where: RhizomeDC, 6950 Maple St NW
Cost: $45