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The Coincidental Hour, Meredith Moore, Distaff, Nekses.K with Anoushe

The Coincidental Hour is a late night children's tv variety show social experiment twilight zone Vienna Aktionist performance art with the prizes. There is some music, but we fight that impulse the best we can. The Coincidental Hour is Ric Royer

Gunge Buddies - Directed by Meredith Moore, this experimental docu-narrative short explores what happens when a group of buddies get together to participate in one of the most beautiful and messy fetishes around: Gunging.

Distaff (Jane Claire Remick & Carmen C. Wong), an ongoing multimedia performance project about spin(ster)ing, technology, murder ballads, and the aesthetics of making.

Nekses.K with Anoushe - Esoteric Music

WHEN: Tuesday August 2, 8pm
WHERE: RhizomeDC, 6950 Maple St NW DC
COST: $10 suggested donation