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Music/Poetry/Performance - David Grollman, Mel Nichols, Weed Tree

Maple House Collective presents a night of experimental performance, music, and poetry at Rhizome--

Saturday May 7 2016
doors at 7:30 performances start at 8:00

David Grollman is a percussionist from NYC who performs freely improvised music. He performs in art galleries, tiki bars, and venues of curious ambience made more curious by his mongrel sounds. David bows, scrapes, blows, slaps, rubs, caresses, abuses, and generally tests the limits of his instrument. Anything is game. Anything may be a participant if the musical conversation calls for it. Artist, instrument, audience, and environment become ambiguous terms, conspiring in a theatrical exploration of chance dynamics and serendipitous exchanges.

Mel Nichols is the author of four collections of poetry, including Catalytic Exteriorization Phenomenon (National Poetry Series Finalist) and the forthcoming I Google Myself (Edge 2016). Her recent essay on the collaborations of Frank O'Hara and Bill Berkson can be found in the anthology For Bill, Anything, and her current work includes Pink Noise: a post-mastectomy poem & soundscape and the poetry/music project Pinktum ( Recent work in periodicals can be found in Poetry, New Ohio Review, and The Huffington Post. She teaches digital creative writing and writing for artists. Read "Luxurious Time" by Mel Nichols at St. Mark's Poetry Project: Listen to her new album with the Poetics Orchestra:

Weed Tree is an improvising duo from Washington D.C. Amanda Huron on drums/percussion, Layne Garrett on guitars/objects. Freestyling through the flashflood waters of rock ā€˜nā€™ roll abstraction, dipping their toes in the reflecting pools of wobbly small sounds, full-on immersion in the rip tides of fleeting circumstance.