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Circuit-Bending + Video Glitch Workshop

Circuit-benders have long known that consumer electronics are much more interesting when modified to operate in unintended ways. Traditionally most of these bends are manifested as warped audio for use in performance,  sampling, or as fodder for further mangling. But circuit-bending can also result in beautifully weird, glitched out visuals as well. In this workshop, UK bender and performer Psychiceyeclix will show you how any electronic toy, game console or even music keyboard can be hacked to produce abstract patterns, glitched-out video, and who knows what else. Of course you can also add audio bends too. Participants should bring a device such as electronic toy, keyboard etc. which they’d like to bend..we’ll also have a few random thrift store finds available for those who come empty-handed.

Psychiceyeclix (Damian Lintell-Smith) has been making/creating music since 2001, with 6 ep’s/albums released on Doubledgescissor, Future Music, Dismissive Records, Linear Obsessional Records, & Videopunks. He began rewiring & modifying devices in 1999, first hacking samplers then rewiring keyboards, megaphones & anything that generates a noise. To date he has circuit-bent at least 400 devices & counting through billions of rewiring possibilities and has sold Psychiceyeclix-bent devices to nearly every corner of the globe.

When: Wednesday May 25, 7:30pm
Where: Rhizome DC, 6950 Maple St NW DC
Cost:  $30, includes all components & materials needed to circuit-bend your toy or instrument