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Luminous Art with LEDs

In this workshop, artist Dan Conrad will guide participants to make a luminous image of their own design using LEDs, and to learn the skills necessary to pursue further projects independently. Dan’s technique of indirect illumination creates smooth areas and gradients of color by diffusing the bright spots of colored light that LEDs produce.  The “light painting” thus produced will use very little energy, and it will last for many years

This workshop is designed for participants of all experience levels. Required skills will be explained and demonstrated and assistance will be available. Tools and materials will be provided for every participant to produce a 7” x 9.5” light painting their own design.  

The following methods and principles will be discussed:
> How LEDs work and how to power them.
> Diffusing LED light to create washes of color.
> Recognizing and using principles of additive color mixing.
> Basic electrical circuitry (voltage, resistance, current, series & parallel combinations)
> Use of a multi-meter
> Soldering electrical components
> Design and construction techniques for luminous artworks.

Daniel Conrad is an artist living in Baltimore. He has been making art and presenting performances with colored light for many years, and he has used LEDs for over 15 years. He earned an MFA at the Hoffberger school of Painting at MICA in Baltimore. For 21 years he taught high school physics at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.

When: June 4th, 1-5pm
Where: RhizomeDC, 6950 Maple St NW DC
Cost: $100 (includes all components & materials, including a hand-made wooden box to house your artwork)