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Concert: Makoto Kawabata+Tatsuya Nakatani, Rick Parker and Li Daiguo, Halo Valley

Sonic Circuits presents..

Makoto Kawabata+Tatsuya Nakatani, Rick Parker and Li Daiguo, Halo Valley
Friday, December 2nd 2016 @ 8:00 pm
~ $10

Makoto Kawabata+Tatsuya Nakatani - on the surface, guitarist Makoto Kawabata and percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani would appear to be unlikely collaborators. Save for their shared country of origin and prolific musical outputs, the wooly-haired psychedelic shaman of Acid Mothers Temple and the fiercely-focused conjurer of ritualistic solo percussion and conductor of the Gong Orchestra seem to occupy very separate ends of the musical spectrum – one in the Dionysian throes of electric excess, the other in the Apollinian exploration of acoustic purity. But the process and action of Improvisation provides a space where these two unique musicians can meet on equal footing and create a shared path in which their common love of immersion in the sheer richness and grain of SOUND can flower to its full and dynamic potential...Beyond genre, beyond style, an explosive fulfillment of the kinetic potential simmering in these two fearless explorers of sound's outer reaches and tireless veterans of the road. -- Rob Cambre, (New Orleans, 2016)

Rick Parker and Li Daiguo- Sounds of the trombone, cello, pipa, human voice and a variety of electronic remedies are conjured to form the psychoacoustic duo of Brooklyn’s Rick Parker and China’s Li Daiguo. “The sounds that the two create together are uncategorizable, a fluid blend of past and future, traditional and modern. They move from the ambient to the abstract, with folk-like acoustics colliding strangely with sci-fi electronics.” (Shaun Brady). With performances and recording sessions over the last 3 years in both NYC and Dali, a small city in southwest China, Parker and Li released their debut record, Free World Music, on Brooklyn’s eleven2eleven and Very Special Music record labels in July 2016.

Halo Valley - barrett jones, gordie shaw, phong tran: guitars, bass vi, efx, objects, frequencies and amps... a yeti in the wilderness of sound