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Eve of Construction: Talk and Concert featuring The MOM² Effect

EVE of DESTRUCTION, tax deduction, Suicide, too many pills, young folks moving to the hills. People all over the world trying to END the WAR, (horn couplet) and the band plays on…Ball of Confusion/Temptations/1971

Art wells up in Society’s least-guarded crevices at precisely that moment when politics has failed and failed utterly. And now comes the time when our creative force is released to forge after futures and alter destinies out of the grimy residue of political discourse. Uniquely malleable as a material for ontogenetic prosthetics, tone science/sound art/non-idiomatic music offer enormous promise for rehabilitating our temporal disorder and reestablishing our evolutionary tract towards truth/beauty/justice. So, we struggle with weapons, now, that spit sound and not lead, ordnance whose boom brings healing and not destruction. Join Luke Stewart and Thomas Stanley (a/k/a Bushmeat Sound) of MIND OVER MATTER MUSIC OVER MIND in a unique intervention at Rhizome on Monday, November 7. The Eve of Construction will be structured as follows:

7:30 doors open
7:45 smudging and prayer in yard
8:00 alter destines and after futures (Dr. Stanley’s workshop)
8:45 tone science as prepared and delivered by Stewart and Stanley

Bushmeat Sound: efx/samples
Luke Stewart: bass/samples/efx
Time: change

“What we live in is a world fashioned by human minds. Like a railroad, this world was designed to transit space and time, to move objects and personalities between nodes of a dispersed network. Like the train, our lives in this human-fabricated world only make sense when subordinated to the gleaming alabaster clock tower at the center of civilization. We will not arrive at our destination on a train. This entire thing can only deliver us to an acceptable/survivable destiny if we were to see it transformed from the image of a train system to a form that resembles a network of rivers, a system of transit and exchange not bound to the finite tracks of a railroad, but dispersed organically among shifting floodplains and emerging, merging, and disappearing tributaries, structured in its intricacies by nothing more authoritarian or irresistible than gravity. This is an entirely different kind of civilization than we live in today, which is generous in allowing that this might be a civilization at all.” ~ from Dr. Stanley’s forthcoming book, After the War

$10 suggested donation