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Concert: Peter Blasser, Jimmy Joe Roche + Layne Garrett, Tom Boram, Rex Delafkaran

A rare east-coast appearance by artist, musician and instrument-maker Peter Blasser. Joining Peter will by Baltimore artist/musicians Tom Boram and Jimmy Joe Roche and DC's Layne Garrett and Rex Delafkaran.

WHEN: Friday October 14, 8PM
COST: suggested donation $10

Peter Blasser - tubist since 4th grade. In high school, unallowed to purchase ethnic instruments, he began making them in the basement out of wood. Later, in college, he discovered electronic circuits, and their possibilities for infinite tunings, infinite timbres. He made a career out of electronic modulations, and making these intangibles touchable through nodes, case flexure, and radio fields. His company:, sells these devices to musicians around the world. He also has had numerous releases, both solo and with his band Sejayno, on labels such as Rescipient, Shinkoyo, Heresee and Ehse Records.

Tom Boram, aka tom borax, is a musician from baltimore, md. using analogue and digital electronics combined with acoustic instruments and customized interfaces, he pursues an expanding vocabulary of animal sounds, body sounds, household sounds and perforated rhythm. Tom also performs in the experimental electronic duo Leprechaun Catering. He is founder of the High Zero Festival of Experimental and Electronic Music and a 20-year veteran of noise and improvisation music subcultures.

Jimmy Joe Roche (modular electronics, voice) -  is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses video, sculpture, and performance. Screenings of his work include the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, J. Paul Getty Museum, Rojo@Nova and Museum of the Moving Image. Roche has created commissioned work for Adult Swim, Dazed and Confused Magazine, Incubate Arts Festival and Harvestworks. He is a member of the High Zero collective and a collaborator with the arts group Whamcity and electronic musician Dan Deacon. (

Layne Garrett is a musician and sound artist based in Washington, DC. He plays guitar non-conventionally both on his own and in the improvising duo W**d Tree (with drummer Amanda Huron). He also works with found objects, found sounds and self-built instruments recorded to cassette tape and layered in real time. He has released several recordings on the DC-based Sockets label and toured North America by Greyhound bus to share his sounds. His recorded music has been appreciated by the likes of Wire, Arthur, and Foxy Digitalis.

Rex Delafkaran - "Movement and place. A curiosity for movement circulates through all of the work I make. Whether it is in my sculpture, performative or 2D work I attempt to visualize movement in a very bodily way, by acknowledging the tension, anxiety and vulnerability found in movement. Then there is place - as in a place to contain things such as a vessel, a location to be in and explore, or a physical place versus an emotional place. The most exciting moments for me in creating are the moments when these two ideas of movement and place collide and begin a conversation via form. The conversations these collisions have started are those of sex, gender, identity, the use/uselessness of objects or their function, and dance outside a theater context."