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CapitalBop presents: DC Jazz Loft


Sunday December 16 * 7pm * $10 suggested donation

Grassroots concert series that put D.C.’s guerilla-jazz organization on the map will return from a two-year hiatus, with a monthly series bringing jazz to all audiences

WASHINGTON, D.C. - CapitalBop has become known as D.C.’s most adventurous jazz presenters, and it all began at the DC Jazz Loft. Now, after a years-long dormancy, the loft is back.

Since 2010, CapitalBop’s guerilla style of jazz presenting has brought jazz roaring back into D.C.’s cultural conversation. And through 2016, the show presenters’ most reliable offering was the DC Jazz Loft, held monthly at DIY spaces like Red Door (2010-12), Hole in the Sky (2012) and Union Arts (2013-16), which became CapitalBop’s headquarters until it was turned into a luxury hotel in late 2016.

The DC Jazz Loft has been on hiatus ever since. But now it’s back. The event will be housed at Rhizome DC, and it will go monthly again starting on Sunday, Dec. 16, at 7 p.m. The kickoff show will feature six young musicians from across the worlds of jazz and creative music: Elijah Easton, Nate Scheible, Allen Jones, Layne Garrett, Sarah Hughes, Steve Arnold.


They will perform in trios (Scheible, Hughes, and Garrett, on the more avant-garde side and Arnold, Easton, and Jones playing a more jazz-oriented set). Then they’ll all mix and mingle in a series of round-robin duets — and maybe even a wide-open jam — to close the night.