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[past event] Interactive Composition Workshop


In this ongoing workshop series, we will craft an interactive musical score to be installed at Rhizome beginning February 15th, as part of Rhizome's exhibition and performance series "Sound Heals All Wounds". Embracing site-specificity and interactivity, we will explore the creative potential of music that works in harmony with its surroundings and is playable by anyone who wishes to perform, thus blurring the lines between performer and composer, musician and non-musician. Prior musical experience not necessary; come with an open mind and a willingness to collaborate. The material is accessible to anyone with the interest and will provide surprises, challenges, and opportunities for meaningful contribution for all, from music appreciators to virtuosi. The atmosphere will be relaxed but with an expectation of focused participation -- we'll get a lot done in a relatively short time, and have fun doing it!

Please reach out with any questions or to sign up —

Price: This will be a donation-based program. Suggested donation of $1-10 per week, payable by cash or check to Rhizome DC.

Dates: Mondays - Jan. 28, Feb. 4, Feb. 11; and Friday Feb. 1 5

Time: 11am-1230pm

Age: 9&up

Facilitated by composer/performer Daniel O’Connor. "Sound Heals All Wounds" will be open at Rhizome from Feb.15 - Mar.16.