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Concert: Matthew Ryals / Resonant Space / Geoff Wilt


Saturday August 31 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Matthew Ryals is a solo artist whose sound is a coalescence of avant-pop songcraft, melodic techno, and electronic experimentalism. An expression of human and machine, his music “filters the emotion of the human experience through the cold circuitry of electronics,” Tiny Mix Tapes. He has new music forthcoming and previous releases on Oxtail Recordings (NYC), Low Hanging Fruit (Cologne), and Behind Glass (NYC).

In concert, Matthew navigates his patchwork of a highly customized eurorack modular synthesizer designed to perform, remake, and reimagine a set of songs each night. It’s a highly interactive performance with a clear correlation between motion and sound complimented by his vocals. It’s a fully hardware setup. No computers are used.

Recent notable collaborations include his compositions and onstage performances with The Movement Project, a contemporary dance company based in Cleveland; his contributions to the score of The Fixers, a collaborative film series that put Cleveland’s underrepresented residents in the forefront to tell the story of their city during the 2016 RNC, which exhibited at SPACES gallery in Cleveland and Smack Mellon in New York City; and his original electronic music score for the plays Feefer Rising, written & co-directed by Faye Hargate, and Red Ash Mosaic, written & directed by Raymond Bobgan, which premiered at Cleveland Public Theatre.

“Machine Memory overflows with conceptual tactics aimed at the heart but rooted in the feet, specifically the rhythmic movements brought on by continuous jolts of electricity. It bubbles with glee and abandon, and sinks its hooks into you until you forget whether you’re more machine or human” - Tiny Mix Tapes

Resonant Space is the modular audio and video synthesis project of DC area-based artist Barry Schmetter. Schmetter is a sound, installation, and video artist, and field recordist, working with themes of human cognitive processes, memory, and sensory perception. His latest installation, Electromagnetic Fields, was exhibited in the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum.

Geoff Wilt is a musician living in Silver Spring, Maryland, who utilizes both compositional and improvisational elements, using synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and found sounds to create long form live pieces influenced by musique concrète, minimalism, and contemporary electronic music. He has recent releases on Zeromoon and Flag Day Recordings."

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