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Concert: Evan Miller / Our Signatures Blew Up In Space / Echolalia

Evan Miller 2019.jpg

Monday August 12 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Evan Miller is a percussionist/improviser based in Dayton, OH. He uses percussion, tapes, and objects to make music based in drone, process, and memory. Recent performance venues include Rhizome (DC), Outpost 186 (Boston), and The Spot (Lafayette). He also performs in the improvisation/chamber duo Neutrals.


Launched on 15 October 1997, the CASSINI Saturn orbiter was active in space for nearly 20 years, with 13 years spent orbiting Saturn and studying the planet and its system after entering orbit on 01 July 2004. A DVD disk placed onboard the spacecraft contained the signatures of more than a half million well-wishers from 81 nations. These signatures of 616,420 people were recorded onto disk, then strategically tucked into the side of the Cassini spacecraft. The mission ended on 15 September 2017, when Cassini's trajectory took it into Saturn's upper atmosphere and it burned up in order to prevent any risk of contaminating Saturn's moons, which might have offered habitable environments to stowaway terrestrial microbes on the spacecraft.

BLK TAG (JS Adams / Chris Videll) and guests (Mei Mei Chang / Beau Finley / Christopher O. Mathews) first presented OUR SIGNATURES BLEW UP IN SPACE at its performance at the 2019 High Zero Worlds in Collusion series at Artscape, Baltimore. That performance has now been re-imagined as a new, on-going, stand-alone project that is open to future reinvention / interpretation / instrumentation within a limiting structure (i.e., the original backing track and source materials). For the Rhizome performance, OUR SIGNATURES BLEW UP IN SPACE will be JS Adams (turntable/prepared vinyl/electronics), Mei Mei Chang (visuals), RA Martini (bass), and Christopher O. Mathews (guitar). Source material: Beau Finley. Additional performers TBD.



Echolalia (Falls Church, VA) is the experimental outfit of DMV staple Amber Leigh Dunleavy. Through the use of theremin and a rotating cast of sonic objects, Dunleavy creates somnambulant territories and textures that lead listeners from the ears to the ether.