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Art Party 2

Sunday July 28 * 4-10pm * RSVP

What is an Art Party? It’s where people of every discipline, experience level, and genre come together and create spontaneous art. How? Participants will throw their names into a bag and we will use chance operations to determine ensemble size, make-up, and length of performance. What will these ensembles do? Perhaps there is a passage in a book you would like to read aloud with violin accompaniment.... Or maybe you want to play the saxophone to the movements of a dancer.... Maybe you are a painter who wants to spontaneously create with another painter to ambient electronic music. Everyone is welcome and who knows who you might meet or what you may end up creating! Hobbyists are encouraged to participate, along with seasoned improvisers (if you are free). No judgement and all fun here :). This event will be facilitated by Sarah Hughes who, incidentally, has her art available upstairs for sliding scale donations. She is hoping to give away all of these works, so stop by and see if you’d like to adopt a piece.