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Workshop: Mindful Drawing

Sunday July 21 * 2-4pm * $25 * All ages * REGISTER

Mindful Drawing uses a combination of repetitive strokes such as circles, dashes and looping shapes to create beautiful designs. The benefit of the practice, however, goes far beyond producing an appealing piece of art.

The repetitive process of Mindful Drawing allows the mind to move into an emotional state of calm. Negative emotions, such as fear responses to stress, get stored in our bodies and imprinted in our subconscious minds, manifesting in negative looping thought patterns that can steal our sense of peace. Most of us have experienced this.

Through Mindful Drawing, we automatically let go of the looping negative self-talk that may be plaguing us. We begin to release any thoughts or emotions that have kept us stuck in unhelpful patterns. The repetitive actions of the brush strokes interrupt our looping thoughts and transmit them to the page instead -- like looping on paper instead of in our heads. The effect is much like when we use a mantra in meditation. It gives the mind something else to attach to, with an added benefit: in Mindful Drawing workshops, many people who claim they "aren't artistic" or "can't draw" intuitively tap into their creativity and effortlessly produce original, gorgeous designs. They are delighted with the results and want to come back for more.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice this drawing technique, which you can then use to de-stress any time you need it.


I am Kristyn Lavery, an artist, fashion designer, illustrator, and entrepreneur. I've lived and worked in New York City’s East Village for the entirety of my career.

In my global career as a fashion designer, I worked with both major fashion houses and privately owned labels. One of my strengths was anticipating and interpreting trends and using them to enhance the company or client's brand.

As an artist, I seek to inspire people to integrate mindfulness, harmony, and focus through art. I see art as a meditative practice that we can use to heal and find inner peace. I developed and teach a meditative drawing practice called Mindful Drawing, where I encourage participants to reach a higher consciousness through repetitive drawing.