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Concert: Fanoplane / Joy on Fire / Sarah Hughes' Love Trio / Corey Thuro

Friday June 28 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

June 28th will be Independence Day early, as four acts—Fanoplane improvisational collective, Sarah Hughes free jazz trio, Joy on Fire punk-jazz quartet, and Corey Thuro solo mandolin—combine to overthrow the tepid tendencies of contemporary music.

Fanoplane is an experimental music project led by Ted Zook (NS Design Omnibass strung as a basscello) and Bob Boilen (Arp synthesizer), host of NPR’s All Songs Considered. This partnership was realized after Bob appeared as guest musician with Ted’s earlier projects, including Heterodyne and Lost Civilizations. The group’s debut at the Corcoran in March included guest musicians Jerry Busher (percussion), Doug Kallmeyer (bass; electronics), Maggie Gilmore (vocalizations; flute) and Sonia Maria Herrero (violin). The band is named for the finite projective plane as defined by Italian mathematician Gino Fano, and all performances are unscored, unrehearsed, and improvised extemporaneously on the spot. Guest musicians join as schedules allow. For more information: check out Fanoplane’s Tumbler page as well as free downloads of the performances at the Corcoran and at Function Coworking Community.

Sarah Hughes (winds/electronics) joins with Kelton Norris (drums) and Steve Arnold (bass) to form Love Trio, a group that will be playing—appropriately enough—some amazing free jazz. For more information: visit Sarah’s web site.

Joy on Fire returns to Rhizome after a wildly successful debut in December. The only purveyors of punk-jazz anywhere in the Milky Way, Joy on Fire was recently featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered and has garnered praise from Gareth Thompson in All About Jazz and Gonçalo Falcão in his “Best of 2018” list at (Portugal). Always emphasizing the jump and chaotic saxophones of Anna Meadors, the relentless melee and rocketing guitars of John Paul Carillo, and the drums of Chris Olsen that clatter buildings across the street to pulp, Joy on Fire adds lyrics and vocals of poet Dan Gutstein, to help proclaim the group’s fundamental outrage and decency. Collectively, they hope to scotch the complacent dreams of many good people. For more information, visit the Joy on Fire web site, scroll down for their featured song “Hymn” on All Songs Considered, and preview a lyrics/vocals piece, “Thunderdome,” at SoundCloud.  

Corey Thuro is a musician, writer, and artist. For the past few years he has been living in Baltimore developing an original technique and voice for his primary instrument, the mandolin. Along with a dedicated self-guided study towards proficiency on the instrument he has invented and incorporated the use of new techniques, tunings, and ideas. He has performed hundreds of shows solo and in various bands across the U.S. For more information: Check out Corey’s Bandcamp page and SoundCloud page. Great camaraderie exists between these performers and the night should feature a cohesive edge. We look forward to seeing you for the performances and for all festivities. Thank you.