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Concert: Barbiero+Bocci / Bourdon / Erica Benay Fallin

Saturday June 22 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Join us for an evening of electroacoustic music for flutes and double bass paired with live interactive electronics.


Since 2015, Daniel Barbiero (double bass; Silver Spring, USA) and Cristiano Bocci (live electronics and sound synthesis; Grosseto, Italy) have collaborated live and via internet. Their latest recording, Wooden Mirrors, joins their two previous releases Nostos and Non-places. This is their debut public performance.

Daniel Barbiero is an improvising double bassist who composes graphic scores and writes on music, art and related subjects. He is a regular contributor to Avant Music News, Arteidolia and Perfect Sound Forever.

Cristiano Bocci plays electric and acoustic basses and theremin, and provides sound synthesis and live electronics. He collaborates on theater/dance and visual arts projects, and holds seminars on sound synthesis and its applications to improvisation in various music schools. In addition to pursuing music, he is a photographer and videographer.

Bourdon (Takoma Park)

Progressive ambient multi instrumentalists Curt and Dani Seiss (aka Bourdon) create moody, minimalist soundscapes and colorful melodies with electronic and acoustic instruments.

Erica Benay Fallin (NOVA) creates intricate soundscapes with flute fed through a pedal chain.