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Concert: Vezhlivy Otkaz aka Polite Refusal

Polite Refusal Tour.jpg

Wednesday June 19 * 8pm * $15 * TICKETS

Direct from Russia - their 1st USA shows in 20 years!

First-ever Washington DC show! Collusion!!

Vezhlivy Otkaz, which means “polite refusal” in English, is one of the most original and erratic rock bands in Russia. It was formed in 1985 with a then-popular reggae/ska blend. Since then, they have gone through numerous stylistic changes, flirting with everything from free jazz to Russian folk. Their sound, however, has always been unique and immediately recognizable. Roman Suslov’s rhythmic guitar work and unusual high-pitched vocals gives VO’s music a precisely constructed, crystal-clear sound that is completely devoid of any of the extra noise so typical of rock-n-roll. The sound is so well organized that sounds almost academic. Pavel Karmanov joins the tour. Current lineup: guitar / keyboards / bass / drums + vocals quartet