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Opening Reception: Justice Arts Coalition presents Becoming Free


Art Exhibit: “Becoming Free”
Saturday, May 25, Opening Reception from 7pm-10pm
Suggested donation $10-20 — RSVP
Art for sale!

Presented by the Justice Arts Coalition:

The opening reception kicks off a month-long exhibit of works by incarcerated artists, running May 25-June 22, 2019. The event will include works by multiple artists, and an evening of live music, readings of poetry written by people in prison, a short film screening, and refreshments. Proceeds directly benefit the artists and the launch of the Justice Arts Coalition as a 501c3 nonprofit.

“The ideas are starting to form into a tangible, living thing. At this point, I am no longer myself, no longer in prison, but an active participant in a conversation that has been going on for the length of human history. A conversation that can trace its roots back to the first markings on cave walls. I am filled with a desire to express my experience of life in a way that will transcend my own life. This is what art is about for me. And I love it. This love sustains me through all the ups and downs that come with making something that has never been made before.” From the essay “Becoming Whole,” by Tomás, one of the exhibiting artists

For more information: Wendy Jason,

Cover image: Doors within Doors, Floods of Sand, by Conor Broderick