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Concert: Dina Maccabee / Bill Brovold / Amy Reed

flyer by Rachel A Gates

flyer by Rachel A Gates

Sunday March 24 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

"When composer Philip Glass claimed “Music is a place,” he may as well have been describing [2018] Headlands Artist in residence Dina Maccabee’s solo musical explorations. Maccabee creates vast, satisfying sonic geographies and atmospheres, with signposts marked in mystery, yearning, and unexpected detours. A highly sought-after collaborator, Maccabee’s work as violist and vocalist is featured on projects with Julia Holter, Tune-Yards, Carla Bozulich, Beth Custer, Vienna Teng, and many others. But for this night, in keeping with her beautiful, experimental 2017 album, The World Is in the Work, Maccabee presents originally composed and produced solo pieces. Using what’s at hand—her viola, violin, voice, and electronics—Maccabee sends us on our ways." - Headlands Center for the Arts

Bill Brovold is an educator, visual artist, and composer/musician. He has performed with Rhys Chatham, Arthur Russell, and Glenn Branca; and led the New York band Strange Farm (featuring Billy Ficca of Television and Ernie Brooks of the Modern Lovers) and the six-to-thirteen-member Detroit post rock band Larval, which features his twangy guitar alongside a wall-of-sound onslaught of horns and strings. He has released music on John Zorn’s Avant and Tzadik imprints and the Cuneiform, Knitting Factory, and RareNoise labels (a duet with Jamie Saft for the latter). His most recent releases, for the Public Eyesore label, see him paring down his sound for more intimate surroundings—closer to what he might do with a few friends in someone’s living room.

Amy Melissa Reed is an artist, composer and creative director of Ma Series Arts. They work with traditional ecological knowledge keepers, improvisers, authors, dancers, poets, teatro, songmakers, journalists, ranchers, social workers, dream… Rooted in the west coast improvised music scene they extend the sonic possibilities of a song maker, artist, and guitarist. They create work that remembers our migrations, the exchange of knowledge by our relationship with each other and the land. They currently work with Biggi Vinkeloe, Andrea YAYA Porras, IONE, Li Harris, Leyya Tawil, Amy K Bormet, gabby fluke-mogul, Collette McCaslin, Courtney McDonald, Josh Kline, Mark Pino, Donald Robinson and MA ensemble. This is their first east coast tour. Many thanks for listening.