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Concert: Forced Into Femininity / Tom Borax / Lazuli / Hayden Right


Saturday March 16 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Jill Lloyd Flanagan aka Forced Into Femininity describes her newest album simply: "'Erraticism' is a phrase appropriated from the Terfy feminist writer Mary Daly. To me, it's a way of taking the way female art and especially trans art is dismissed and trivialized as not worthy of being taken seriously into a philosophy and intention. It's an act of resistance against 'Real Music', 'Real Art' and the complacent way they approach our horrific present." Forced Into Femininity is an important and uncompromising voice in the modern underground, and her music is a disorienting storm of ever-shifting electronics and theatrical, dizzying vocals. Flanagan once described her work as "Marxist Body Horror," and, honestly, nothing can top that.

DC hash noise duo of Emily Haugh and Sam Chintha

Tom Borax
Noisy autoharp fuckery

Hayden Right