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Concert: Rubén Patiño / Tag Cloud / Cameron Shafii / PraxisCat


Thursday February 14 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Rubén Patiño - Rubén Patiño (Spain) is an artist working in the field of Electronic Music and Art. He is focused on the sculptural properties of synthetic sound while exploring the limits of concert, public event and installation. All his works tent to contain different strategies regarding space and formats of presentation while combining sound, lights, text, image or found materials with elements of early electronic music, ideograms and 20th Century art movements With works published in several labels such as Anòmia, Free Software Series, Alku and upcoming records on Ge-Stell and HyperMedium. He has also created multichannel pieces, installations and has extensively played solo concerts.

Tag Cloud is ambient/noise including kit built electronics, analog and semi-modular synths, cheap keyboards, acoustic drone instruments, and percussion. Influences range broadly from Krautrock, noise, and environmental acoustics to working within the experimental scene in Washington DC. Recent releases on Verses Records and Flag Day Recordings.

Cameron Shafii - Cameron Shafii is an Iranian composer practicing electronic and electroacoustic music. His compositions are inflected with a host of digital synthesis processes and are informed by aspects of acousmatic theory, particularly spectromorphology. His works do not impose any temporal scheme upon the listener - rejecting the semiotic operation of 'engagement/disengagement'. ‘Pithy & Prolix’ and ‘Corpora Vilia’ - his recent pieces published on the Anòmia and Conditional labels - present asymmetrical narratives that articulate tension, amorphous forms, and complex sonorities, signifiying a plurality of meaning and complication. Shafii has performed at concerts, festivals, and workshops, and has exhibited installations in the US and Canada. He runs the Ge-stell label and is based in Philadelphia, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in German at the University of Pennsylvania.

Praxis Cat - PraxisCat is the experimental electronic solo project from Christine Paluch. Christine is a DC based composer using synthesizers, code, and other musical instruments to explore the relationship between synesthesia and urban spaces.