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OPEN Movement with Marcia Custer / The Night Nurse

Saturday November 16 * Noon-2pm * $15 * REGISTER

OPEN Movement is: a judgement-free dance class that is not about dancing; a radically soft and individually-centered therapeutic modality; a dedicated hour to listen to your body; a place to stretch, strengthen, and center your mind, body, and creative practice. In any given class, we pull from a range of somatic techniques such as: contemplative dance, guided imagery for relaxation, authentic movement, somatic experiencing (trauma-informed body therapy), Body Mind Centering (BMC), Bartenieff Fundamentals, physical therapy practices, Pilates, and Yoga. Often, there is laughter and joy. Sometimes, there is silence. We are always moving, but at our own pace, and in our own ways. We encourage personal and creative risk-taking in a safe environment. We encourage focusing and exploring our individual experiences, while acknowledging the group and contributing to its safe and open community. OPEN Movement holds space and celebrates all bodies, all levels, all identities, always!

OPEN Movement is led by performance artist Marcia Custer, who has extensive experience in dance, somatic practice, improvisation, and expressive arts. She encourages and supports those interested in healing, expressing, and learning about themselves through body-related activities. She loves her cats, Lake Erie, being a total weirdo, and moving with others!

Open to anyone, with any level of dance experience (including none!).

“Marcia sets great examples of movements, clear instructions that let me move my body the way it needs to be moved. I really appreciate a space where I can move and dance without feeling weird or feeling judged.”

“I love the pace of class - beginning with awareness of the breath, slowly introducing free movement, building up to that oh-so-catchy pop dance celebration song, getting weird and wild, slowing down, and ending with content and peaceful shavasana.”

“Before [OPEN Movement] I usually feel a little nervous and a little anxious from driving up during rush and all my usual anxiousness. After I feel almost totally relieved of all of this, totally rejuvenated, and feel like I'm bouncing out the door.”

“I have a lot of built up tension in my body, especially neck and shoulders, before class. Society teaches us to not express ourselves physically in healthy ways, so I tend to 'keep things in'! After class, I feel both liberated and relaxed, in tune with my surroundings and my body feels at peace. I feel connected to and accepted by the other folks in the space.”

“I love focusing on parts of our bodies we don't usually think about, it helps me practice gratitude. I also love the part in our program when I just lose inhibition and my body takes over and goes crazy and I just totally exhaust myself jumping around and stuff...very very cathartic.”

“I have never been a good dancer---as in, at the dance party or show I am usually just bopping around awkwardly, wishing I was having a genuinely good time like the people around me. I never knew how to move my arms when I dance or how to incorporate my upper body at all into dance party fun. This class has definitely helped me feel more whole, move my arms, and when I dance, I feel a lot more comfortable!”

Also featuring a dance party with the Night Nurse on the decks.