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Concert: Max D / Pontiac Streator + Ulla Straus


Monday November 11 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

Since the first EP in 2013, Dolo Percussion (AKA Max D, Beautiful Swimmer and Future Times label head) has aimed squarely at the DJ booth with his tracks, creating drum worlds and tools for use across the club music spectrum. Started as an outlet for the drum tracks that were being created and used for Max D live sets, the Dolo EPs touch a wide array of genres, united in club heft. Industrial sounds clank next to the roundest house 909s, swing gets locked into rigidity and loose again, live bells and claps melt and fizz all over the grid with space in between the hits for any maneuvers.

Pontiac Streator previously appeared as a guest on the first West Mineral Ltd release, Pendant’s by-now classic Make Me Know You Sweet, while Ulla Straus is perhaps best known for her part on the cultishly adored bblisss compilation tape which introduced Huerco S.’s Pendant alias to the world at large. Their first album together is a bedroom-crafted confection where drowsy meditations smudge with lounging exotica themes in a blunted style to properly heavy-lidded effect.