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Family Concert: Angela James / Patrick Smith

Sunday November 10 * 4pm * $5 per person / $15 per family / under-3 yrs old free * TICKETS

Angela James is a singer-songwriter based in Chicago, IL. Her most recent record, Quiet Night: A Collection of Lullabies, was born out of the depths of sleep deprivation and postpartum depression. The songs of Quiet Night are lullabies for the weary- weary parents, weary children, weary people. James invited well-known improvisers and composers Charles Rumback, Jason Stein, and Katherine Young- all fellow parents of young children- to accompany her on the record. The resulting songs are lilting, lovely and the Chicago Reader says are "a balm for children- and their parents too." Her performance at Rhizome will feature these lullabies played on guitar and voice using loops to create a relaxing, nurturing environment for all ages. She will also project a film of soothing found images and animations to accompany the music. Her music has been called "smoldering and gorgeous" by music critic Peter Margasak, and praised by the Chicago Tribune, WBEZ, and Tiny Mix Tapes.





Opening set by local artist PATRICK SMITH:

I have always loved music. After playing around with the guitar as a teen, I let it go. Then in my late 20’s I began studying classical guitar, then switched over to steel string acoustic. One day I was challenged to play an original piece of music to a large group of musicians. I said I did not have any original music. This is not my problem was the reply I heard. Slowly, sometimes painfully I listened for my muse. Whispers, themes and sometimes music emerged. I have performed with oDD CamP, The Solaris Guitar Trio and the the electronic duo FingerPaint. Then I came back to the acoustic guitar. Still I listen and now invite you to also.