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Concert: Alforjs / Trigger / Weed Tree

Wednesday October 9 * 830pm (immediately following film screening) * $10 * TICKETS

Alforjs is a strange saddlebag on the back of the muleteer that crosses different landscapes, traditions and rituals that fill it with different artefacts and relics. Deformed from the swelling provoked by all these cultural objects he collects, its original weft is what unites all these references and transports them to another existence, in a new form. Trio composed by Mestre André on electronics and saxophone, Bernardo Álvares on contrabass and Raphael Soares on drums.

They have always had as their main objective to make non-referential music, away from a mimicry of watertight musical genres, aiming to create an idiosyncratic music, which is not without a deep and direct relationship with the context in which the band is inserted. It shows, therefore, a reflection of the cauldron of disparate influences that is Lisbon in the 21st century - From the most avant-garde jazz, to the most peripheric dance music, to noise, to electronic and electroacoustic music.

They are preparing to release the third album 'QorusQoros' in early 2019 by the British label Discrepant; after a successful series of editions, which began with 'Jengi' (edited by a label from the Portuguese label Burrodiscos and the Belgian Silent Water) in 2014, followed by 'Demons I' (edited by Shhpuma, sublabel of Clean Feed) in 2017. Both works with excellent reviews from the specialized critic: "What we hear is an unobvious and unpredictable combination of jazz, rock, electroacoustic experimentalism and African music, so mixed and so inseparable that it seems to forge a new style." (Rui Eduardo Paes -

Trigger: Will Greene, Simon Hanes and Aaron Edgcomb didn’t know each other before they were invited by John Zorn to found a new band and play his score books “Bagatelles” and “Apparitions”. In common they had a variety of musical interests covering creative jazz, experimental music and “intelligent” pop. A saxophonist besides being a guitar player, Greene worked with such different luminaries like Marc Ribot and Joe Morris. An ex-member of the art rock group Guerilla Toss, Hanes devoted his love for the music of Burt Bacharach, Serge Gainsbourg, Ennio Morricone and all things Italian to the development of the ambitious project Tredici Bacci. A percussionist with classical background, Edgcomb’s career is covering several fronts, from new music and free improvisation to hardcore noise, in contexts like Yelsa, REA and The Gown of Entry. Trigger is something else, this new “Pull” showing us that there’s more to do after Zorn’s tutelage. Namely, a thrashy, punkish, garage-like version of free rock conceived as a cathartic ritual, with all the fierce beauty of chaos.

Weed Tree (DC >> Amanda Huron and Layne Garrett ) plays improvised music on drums, prepared guitar and homemade instruments.