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Concert: The Beak Trio / Dario Fariello / Katie Magician + Arma Dura


Monday October 28 * 8pm * $10 * TICKETS

The Beak Trio -
Will Bollinger - banjo
Kevin Eichenberger - bass
James Gibian - drums
Just listen to this!

DARIO FARIELLO is a saxophonist and violist devoted to improvised music. He studied musicology at the University of Bologna, where he co-founded the Bologna improvisers Orchestra. After touring extensively in Europe and in the United States with the jazz-core band Luther Blissett, he moved to Berlin in 2011 to work with Tristan Honsinger and the dj Eren Ileri; he co-founded Multiversal, a nomad festival series featuring a wide international network of improv and noise musicians.Now based in Oslo, his current projects include: ZGB, Sciardac, Farantimm, Resurgam, Wolf and the gang, FarLie, Prestekveler, In Its Own Tempo. He has collaborated with: Gino Robair, Eugene Chadbourne, Butch Morris, James Brown, Calle Neumann, Tristan Honsinger, Alexei Borisov, Olga Nosova, Mia Zabelka, Agnes Hvizdalek, Tomomi Adachi, Kenji Kuroda, Ilia Belorukov, Alexander Chernyshkov, Marina Poleukhina, Harri Sjöström, Steve Heather. With Norbert Stammberger he organises the yearly festival Tubax Super Session in Munich, dedicated to the tubax saxophone and other special instruments.

Katie Magician + Arma Dura - Katie Magician’s new media/performance pieces, which include video, sound, costume, and installation, use the lense of camp to enact the duties of magical female protagonists. Part angel, part alien, these divas float through lounge acts, variety shows, straight to TV movies, infomercials, and automaton-guided museum tours. The one-woman experimental performances consider the subtle differences between exploitation and empowerment and show how mass forms of entertainment can (techni)color memories. Collaboration with Arma Dura: transformable, wearable art.